Police and fire provide invaluable support for their communities — and Red + Blue is providing them the support THEY need.

Police officers and fire fighters have specific mental health challenges. These professions are particularly stressful, mentally taxing, and potentially emotionally traumatizing.

Stress can build up over time; and often, it’s hard to know where to turn for support. That’s Red + Blue’s job — we provide departments with the ability to integrate their existing resources into one place, and we provide additional support as well.


Red + Blue Provides



Robust Support Options

Red + Blue integrates with locally-run programs like Peer Support teams and Chaplain’s Offices to provide one-touch calling.

Supervisors can schedule availability of on-call resources, and rest easy knowing their teams will always have the right number at the tip of their fingers.

We also provide a link into national hotlines, to expand support.


Quick activities

Red + Blue has worked with mental health experts to develop quick activities that an officer or firefighter can complete in their downtime. These are confidential, anonymous, and have content related to mental, physical, and financial health - all of which are closely tied. Additionally, most activities have short videos to help deepen the concepts.




Does Red + Blue sound like it could help you or people on your team?

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